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Our founder and Master Electrician, Thomas Muller, has over 30 years of experience as an electrician, gaining expertise in various electrical and mechanical systems. Growing up in Central  Florida, Thomas started learning very young.Mastering the electrical craft was always my focus growing up … I find the trade fascinating, and I love what I do.”


Thomas entered the military following high school because he wanted a structured electrical education in a team environment.


“Not only did the military provide me with an important electrical foundation, it solidified my respect, appreciation and commitment to professional teamwork, and a job expertly done. We started Volthom Electric with this leadership principal, and hire staff members with the same philosophy. We understand that whether you are a residential or commercial client, hiring an electrical contractor is an important decision and an investment in your property. Consequently, high quality and efficient electrical service is both our promise and guarantee to our clients.”

We are a proud members and hold leadership roles in Business Networking International (BNI) in both Ocala and Oxford, Florida, as well as the Florida Electrical Association in Ocala, FL.







Florida EC# 13006598
FEA President and Educator 

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